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Dredging of Lake Watauga

Flurry of activity for Centennial Park's Master Plan in Spring 2014

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Summer 2013 was Centennial Park's last "summer of slime"! An integrated water quality strategy is currently underway that will ensure a cleaner, clearer, more beautiful Lake Watauga. Dredging of lake sediment was preceded earlier this winter by relocation of the lake's fish and the eradication of a highly invasive exotic snail. A new aeration and circulation system is being installed along with floating wetland islands. Roots of Joe Pye Weed, Iris, Sedge and other native plant species growing on the islands will absorb phosphorus and other water pollutants. Think butterflies!

Additional improvements planned for next year will include rain gardens that filter storm water before it enters the lake and a significant increase in the flow of Cockrill Spring water to the lake.

Decades of sediment accumulation, poor water circulation and other conditions have resulted in poor water quality, poor aquatic habitat, and negative visual impacts for park visitors. Planned improvements will address all of these issues utilizing best practices in stormwater treatment and water quality management. As one of the park's few remaining historic features from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and one of the park's most popular destinations today, this project will make Lake Watauga more beautiful and more sustainable.

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Phase 1 of Centennial Park's Master Plan Begins Construction

Phase 1 of Centennial Park's revitalization is set to begin this winter with the dredging of Lake Watauga followed by the daylighting of Cockrill Spring and construction of Musician's Corner in the spring of 2014.

Click the press release below to learn more.

Press Release for Phase 1

Conservancy Gala Slideshow

Select the photo for the complete slideshow from Rusty Terry of The Tennessean.

Pictured: Conservancy Gala co-chairs Bert and Brooks Mathews, left, with Victoria Ziegler and Tom Carnell at The Conservancy Gala - Designs in Verde, a fundraiser for the Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park, held on the shores of Lake Watauga in Centennial Park.

Highlights of Conservancy Accomplishments in the Past Year

The Conservancy is very proud of the work we do and the impact we have on our community. We thank you, our members, donors, volunteers and all those who participate, for all of your support. Some of our achievements this past year include:

- Received the SunTrust Bank Business Acumen in the Arts Award at the Salute to Excellence Dinner
- Continued to offer excellence in educational programming, with expanded focus on autistic, down syndrome, visually impaired and other disabled children and adult visitors
- Received private Lead Gift for the first phase of Centennial Park's Master Plan. Partnering with Metro Parks and Metro Water, we are underway. Dredging and recirculation begins in Lake Watauga this winter, to be completed by Spring of 2014. In addition, Cockrill Spring will be brought to the surface, creating water features and a gathering plaza to enjoy the spring, relax, and take in views of the Parthenon and Musicians Corner
-Partnered with American Archeological Association and Vanderbilt University, improving caliber of Parthenon Symposium Series
- Received private collection of Tennessee Exposition memorabilia (The David Ewing Collection) and donated to the Parthenon permanent collection
- Our successful Musicians Corner program achieved significant growth (over 41,000 attendees in 2013), fast becoming the city's premier outdoor family entertainment destination for free music events
- Partnered with the W.O. Smith Music School, Musicians Corner, and members of the historic Preservation Hall Jazz Band to teach students about traditional New Orleans Jazz music
- Purchased and donated interactive computers to the Parthenon's main gallery
- Installed permanent collection of Parthenon Casts and Maquettes in the Parthenon's Treasury Room. By placing the maquettes on 8 foot high stands and placing the casts directly below, this new arrangement gives visitors instant information about the identity of the figures and where each one fits into the overall design and of the pediment and the building. It connects the two elements and makes clear their relationship to each other. Text panels clarify the relationship between the casts, the maquettes and the pediments.
- Partnered with the City for a successful Metro 50th Celebration in Public Square
- Restored rare 1870 book for Parthenon's permanent collection
- Enhanced quality of art exhibits at the Parthenon, resulting in heightened interest and increased attendance
- Presented a "Conversation with John Seigenthaler and the Blind Boys of Alabama" at the First Amendment Center


The Conservancy in the Nashville Business Journal

Read about Centennial Park and our Master Plan from our president, Sylvia Rapoport's guest column in the Nashville Business Journal here.

The column takes a look at how Nashville has grown over the past century and how it continues to grow with the upcoming Master Plan. Nashville is certainly a wonderful place to call home, and we are excited for all the future holds at Centennial Park.