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2016 - 2017 Parthenon Symposium Series Announced

The Parthenon Symposium Series

Join us for the Parthenon Symposium Series each month, where qualified speakers from across the nation lecture on a subject of their choosing. Keep up to date on upcoming lectures through our calendar.

September 29th - The Parthenon opens its 2016-2017 Symposia Series on Thursday, September 29, with a lecture by Dr. Joseph Rife exploring his recent work in Kenchrai, Greece, in a lecture he calls Pagans, Magicians, and Christians at a Port in Roman Greece.

October 27th - Join us in the second series of the Parthenon Symposium series. This week will feature Neil Silberman of University of Massachusetts Amherst speaking on Rebooting Antiquity : how holy wars, media hype, and digital technologies are changing the face of 21st century archaeology.

November 17th - Join us in the third series of the Parthenon Symposium series. This week will feature Dr. Katherine Haynes of Aquinas College speaking on remembering Shakespeare in a lecture she calls What He Hath Left Us : The Rise of the First Folio.


Centennial Craft Fest

Centennial Craft Fest

Centennial Craft Fest

Join us on October 15th, from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm, for this free fall event celebrating the craftsmanship of local food, drinks, musicians, and artisans. Enjoy a bounty of delectable food vendors, music curated by Musicians Corner, handmade goods from local artisans, and fun activities & crafts at Kidsville.

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Kidsville at OZ Arts Family Day

Kidsville at OZ arts Family Day

Centennial Park Capital Campaign


Centennial Park. Nashville's central park and point of pride for generations. An urban park is a fragile thing. And throughout the decades, ours has sometimes been in jeopardy: its iconic Parthenon slated for demolition; its trees felled by tornadoes; its ecosystem damaged by surrounding construction.

Each time, Nashvillians have rallied to protect Centennial Park - and make it better. Now, it's our turn.

Nashville is growing like never before. So are the numbers of people flocking to Centennial Park - an estimated 2 million a year and climbing. Neglect could be the latest threat to its wellbeing. This is our opportunity to transform the park into the pulsating heart of our collective home.

An unprecedented revitalization of Centennial Park is currently underway. It is as ambitious and multi-faceted as Nashville itself. It needs your support today to become reality.

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