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Athena and Poseidon

Athens of the South Olympics Triathlon Results

As the Rio 2016 Olympic Competition comes to a close, so does our Athens of the South Olympic Triathlon. After tallying up the votes for our running, swimming, and cycling portions of the contest, it looks like Athena takes the gold for the goddesses, and Poseidon takes the gold for the gods. We'd like to congratulate our two winners of the 2016 competition, and thank all those who participated.


Herb Williams Brings Temporary Crayon Exhibit to Centennial Park

Crayon Tree 1
Crayon Tree 2
Crayon Tree 3
Crayon Tree 4

Herb Williams "Color Collaborative" Crayon Tree

We were lucky to have Herb Williams, curator of the Rymer Gallery and Nashville crayon sculptor, swing by Centennial Park and brighten up a rainy day with his "Crayon Tree" pop-up art installation as a part of his Color Collaboration.

Take a look at more of his work here, and view more photos of the Crayon Tree here

All photos by Ashley Segroves