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Athens of the South Olympics Triathlon

Athens of the South Olympics Triathlon

Athens of the South Olympics Triathlon

The Conservancy begins a social media campaign coinciding with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where five Greek gods and five Greek goddesses will compete in a "digital" triathlon. Consisting of swimming, cycling, and running, we ask the public to vote online for which god and goddess will win each component of the competition.

Voting will start on Monday, August 8th and takes place right here on our website. Please be sure to vote for the god and goddess that you would like to see win Olympic gold!

Click here to view the Triathlon


The Photography of William James Stillman

The Acropolis of Athens

The Parthenon announces a return installation of The Acropolis of Athens: The Photography of William James Stillman in the West Gallery, beginning July 23.

William J. Stillman's book The Acropolis of Athens, Illustrated Picturesquely and Architecturally in Photography was published in 1870, when photography was still in its infancy. The book is rare, with only a dozen surviving copies in public collections. The Nashville Parthenon's copy came to light several years ago and art patrons Hope and Howard Stringer underwrote its conservation so that it could be exhibited.

Stillman, an American painter, photographer, journalist, and diplomat, designed his book so that the armchair traveler could see the Acropolis and its monuments as a backdrop to the 1869 city of Athens, as well as enter the precinct through the gateway of the Propylaia and wander around each of the ruined buildings, taking in details of their construction and the damage caused by 2,000 years of history.

The museum's exhibit features the book itself and eight enlarged images with accompanying text. Stillman's use of large-format glass negatives makes possible very detailed images and his artist's eye gives the viewer a sense of grandeur and place.


Pokemon Go In Centennial Park

Lady Athena Pokestop

Pokemon Go In Centennial Park

It seems the Pokemon have taken over Centennial Park! For all you Pokemon Go trainers out there, take advantage of the plentiful amount of gyms, Pokestops, and rare Pokemon the park has too offer. It's a great chance to get outside, stretch your legs, and hunt some Pokemon. Our lady Athena even happens to be a Pokestop in the game!


The Conservancy Gala "Designs In Architecture"

The Conservancy is excited to announce that the 7th annual Conservancy Gala, Designs in Architecture, will be held Saturday, November 5th at the Parthenon. All proceed go to helping provide powerful experiences to people of all ages and help preserve this unique museum and beautiful park.

Save The Date

Last Chance to see David Ewing's "A Day At The Fair"

David Ewing's

David Ewing's "A Day At The Fair"

Only a few days left to see this incredible exhibit. Open through July 10th, see a celebration of the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition with artifacts chosen from the David Ewing collection.
The exhibit gives modern-day travelers a feel for what it must have been like to visit the Tennessee Centennial Exposition over a hundred years ago.