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Conservancy President Sylvia Rapoport has penned her latest column for The Tennessean. Read her take on why Nashville's Classical architecture still matters here.


The Conservancy is launching a set of free educational offerings The Parthenon Series: Conversations on Art and Architecture


The first in the new series is a panel discussion, Why Classical Architecture Matters, set for
May 19th at 7:00 PM in the Parthenon. Local architects Kem Hinton, Sharon Pigott, and Manuel Zeitlin will serve on the panel, with WPLN's Blake Farmer moderating. The panel members will each illustrate their work with a brief presentation and will field questions about how their careers and work reflect the classical vocabulary: Do they find themselves consciously incorporating classical elements? Do they resist the classical style and find themselves deliberately avoiding it? Why? What does their work say about the importance and meaning of classical architecture in today's world?

Each architect is a well-respected professional. Kem Hinton is a founding partner with Seab Tuck of Tuck-Hinton Architects. Kem is a design principal and works directly with clients to formulate effective and successful solutions for their planning and building needs. He is particularly interested in place making that is appropriate, effective, compelling, symbolic, and memorable. Sharon Pigott's work ranges from small remodeling projects to large residential design, and she works with clients on projects of all sizes. Her success has revolved around her belief that listening to clients' needs is the most important step in meeting their expectations. Manuel Zeitlin has earned a reputation for bridging historical context with 21st century sensibilities with a focus on sustainability. One local publication wrote, "Zeitlin led the way in getting locals to reconsider the raze-and-rebuild mentality, instead reclaiming and accentuating the cool, unique features awaiting discovery in abandoned industrial and commercial spaces." The moderator for the program is award-winning journalist Blake Farmer, a reporter, host, and Assistant News Director at WPLN.

Please join us May 19th! While the program is free, we appreciate your calling the Parthenon at 615-862-8431 to make reservations to attend this exciting discussion.