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Dredging of Lake Watauga

Flurry of activity for Centennial Park's Master Plan in Spring 2014

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Summer 2013 was Centennial Park's last "summer of slime"! An integrated water quality strategy is currently underway that will ensure a cleaner, clearer, more beautiful Lake Watauga. Dredging of lake sediment was preceded earlier this winter by relocation of the lake's fish and the eradication of a highly invasive exotic snail. A new aeration and circulation system is being installed along with floating wetland islands. Roots of Joe Pye Weed, Iris, Sedge and other native plant species growing on the islands will absorb phosphorus and other water pollutants. Think butterflies!

Additional improvements planned for next year will include rain gardens that filter storm water before it enters the lake and a significant increase in the flow of Cockrill Spring water to the lake.

Decades of sediment accumulation, poor water circulation and other conditions have resulted in poor water quality, poor aquatic habitat, and negative visual impacts for park visitors. Planned improvements will address all of these issues utilizing best practices in stormwater treatment and water quality management. As one of the park's few remaining historic features from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and one of the park's most popular destinations today, this project will make Lake Watauga more beautiful and more sustainable.

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